Best Friends

Best Friends
She can see the tears behind my smile and welcomes my efforts to help and be brave.
She tells me I did well for faith and shows me it's ok to be just me.
Like Spring's first bloom we celebrate to chase any clouds away.
In her eyes, I see her truth.
We share our lives like birds singing in tune.
We're there for each other when the world is a maze,
Helping one another grow on dark days.
My friend, she does not always agree with me,
But compliments my ways.
Her demeanor's kind and soothing, yet sincere.
I love to walk hand-and-hand with her and am so glad when she is near.
She is an old soul with a charm for life.
Love flashes in the air around us keeping the shadows of fear away,
Always bringing the 2 of us better days.
- TulaKrystal
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