Best Friends

Best Friends     She can see the tears behind my smile and welcomes my efforts to help and be brave. She tells me I did well for faith and shows me it's ok to be just me. Like Spring's first bloom we celebrate to chase any clouds...

Hummingbird Visitors

This is a video of one of the hummingbirds that likes to fly up on our patio and drink from the feeder at our house. It's a pretty bird and they're really very curious. They will fly right up to us and look at us.  

Baby's Heartbeat

Our baby's heartbeat and our first family photo even though our baby boy is not yet born. Sweet!  

Letter To Our Baby

Letter To Our Baby   Our baby, I’ll sing you a song, A lullaby so you can sleep Through night’s greatest storms.   I’ll tell you a historie: On a beautiful day, Our family grew when Life sent us the miracle of sweet you....


Hey everyone. I've been gone for a while. Everything is going well. I am expecting to have a baby boy in Dec. Steven's health is well and so is mine. :D